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Sussessa Amakye

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Sussessa Amakye

Source: Rival Guide, pg(s). 57

Sussessa Amakye is a member of the Poisoned Lodge adventuring group.1


Sussessa is a an accomplished negotiator, astute businesswoman, and con woman. Sussessa's father owned a mining business in Kibwe; it's a ruthless business, and Sussessa was very successful in bargaining with the Aspis Consortium for good mineral prices. When a lost treasure was discovered in the mine, the Aspis Consortium turned out to not be the only game in town as the Pathfinder Society offered a better deal.

After they left town, the Aspis Consortium burned the mining office, killing Sussessa's father. She fled into the jungle, found the Pathfinders, and begged to be taken to Absalom. There, she joined the Pathfinder Society but languished, her talents unrecognized, until Mattie Red came along. After joining Mattie and Areen Mardessen, she met Ish Torovan.1 Ish was easily manipulated, and Sussessa introduced him to dreamtime tea and slaver's drops supplied by Areen. Since then, he has been her thrall.2 When Mattie Red started the Poisoned Lodge, Sussessa joined up, leaving the Pathfinder Society.1

Sussessa hid her affinity for snakes when she lived in Kibwe, for fear of being shunned for having tainted blood. She is comfortable now with her serpentine bloodline. Her companion, a sizable viper she calls Veskavesh, slithers intimately about his mistress and appears to converse with her.1


The Garundi woman is a striking and exotic beauty. She wears her long, kinky hair rolled in thick, beaded strands held back with a colorful scarf or wide headband. Thick gold loops pierce her ears. Much of her other jewelry, heavy gold and gemmed armbands, belt, and necklace are adorned with snake motifs, specifically vipers.1