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Ish Torovan

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Ish Torovan

Ranger (urban ranger) 5
Source: Rival Guide, pg(s). 55

Ish Torovan is a member of the Poisoned Lodge adventuring group.1

Once one of Absalom's city guard, Ish worked to rid the sewers of dangerous vermin and the occasional crocodile. He was fairly satisfied with his life until he met the exotic and intoxicating Sussessa Amakye, who was on a mission to find some muscle for her adventuring group, the Poisoned Lodge. She quickly seduced Ish and introduced him to dreamtime tea and slaver's drops supplied by Areen Mardessen and encouraged by Mattie Red. Ish is now addicted to the drugs and the women's attention.1

It is possible that Ish could be redeemed from his life of addiction and enchantment, but if left under the influence of drugs and the priestess of Norgorber, he's likely to become truly evil.1

The ranger is still quick in melee but cannot always muster enough cognition to cast simple spells. When he does, he enhances Sussessa's viperous bite.1


Ish is starting to show the affects of his addictions: his eyes are half-closed, and his once-trimmed dark hair is growing out shaggy and stringy. The stains from Blackfingers paste is another clue the ranger is sliding down the slippery slope.1