Dust Coven

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Dust Coven
Dust Coven.jpg
Type Adventuring group
Leader Mizzinastre Vexidyre
Alignment Chaotic evil
Headquarters Darklands
Goals Murder
Scope Global
Members Drow

Source: Rival Guide, pg(s). 16

The Dust Coven is a Darklands-based adventuring group led by Mizzinastre Vexidyre, a female annis hag witch.[1]

The following report about the Dust Coven was written by the Cheliax rebel called Shensen. She writes:

the Dust Coven [are] a group of exiled drow worshipers of the demon lord Shax who have been cutting a murder-swath through the Inner Sea of late. Their leader is a witch (who seems to have been reincarnated from a drow into an annis hag, if the rumors are to be believed) who specializes in all sorts of magical dusts and powders...I'm also including an illustration of the Dust Coven's sign—the rune of Shak gripped in a creepy-looking hand. (Someone could do with a manicure.)[2]