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Alling Third

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Alling Third

Alling Tresorant
Technic League (formerly)
Source: The Divinity Drive, pg(s). 66–67

Alling Third, formerly known as Alling Tresorant,12 is a former member of the Technic League who has transformed himself into a monstrous half-machine lich. He hides under Crowhollow, a section of the crashed spaceship Divinity in the Sellen Hills of northeastern Numeria, while working on his pet projects.123


The only remaining parts of Alling's human body are his head and torso, which are suspended in a glass cylinder mounted on a mechanical spider-like chassis. He speaks through a mechanical larynx attached to the cylinder via tubes and manipulates objects with three mechanical arms around the base. His mechanical body is protected by a force field generator and wields an integrated gravity gun. Hidden in Alling's frame is a puzzle composed of the seven known skymetals that protects his phylactery.123 Due to his integration with Crowhollow's adaptive software, Alling can remotely control parts of the ruin but occasionally suffers from hallucinations.2


In 4607 AR,4 heavy rains in northeastern Numeria opened a wide sinkhole and exposed Crowhollow, a section of the Divinity that had remained buried up until that point. The local Mountain Crows Kellid tribe tried to hide it from the Technic League, but its agent Alling Tresorant nonetheless discovered it in 4628 AR4 and found that he could single-handedly control the important discovery due to its small size compared to Silver Mount.12

As Alling explored the wreck, he became addicted to the fluids inside it and communicated with the strange intelligences that spoke within. Realising that a lifetime would be insufficient to unlock all secrets of Crowhollow, he set out to become a lich, and discovered his own formula for transformation when guided by one such intelligence.12

Alling promised the Mountain Crows that he would not reveal Crowhollow to the Technic League, and in the process earned the Crows' trust. By 4633 AR,4 he told the tribe of a great evil that hid under the ruins and asked them to accompany him down to destroy it, without revealing that the evil in question was none other than his transformed self.2 Alling fed most of the warriors accompanying him to a machine that consumed their life energy to fuel his phylactery, except for a few who were brainwashed into capturing the rest of the tribe and feeding them to the machine as well. After a month, the tribe was fully consumed and Alling's transformation was complete.123

Alling discovered that the part of the wreck located in Crowhollow was formerly one of the Divinity's hangars, and within it he found a mostly intact shuttle and a damaged extinction wave device. His attention is split between excavating the shuttle to explore other planets and repairing the extinction wave device to destroy any who would dare interrupt his work. However, whenever he nears a substantial discovery toward either goal, he grows bored and shifts his focus to his other project.3


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Alling's lair is guarded by hidden laser turrets and contains a damaged interplanetary communicator that produces only static audio and low-quality videos. He has created numerous undead creatures and repaired a number of robots (mostly torturer robots, as well as a pair of myrmidons and a prized surgeon robot) to serve him and guard his lair.3


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