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Crowhollow is a sinkhole in the Sellen Hills of northeastern Numeria, and the site of a piece of the Divinity that fell during the Rain of Stars. It is also the home of a half-mechanical lich named Alling Third, a former Technic League agent who sought immortality in order to fully exploit its technology.123


In 4607 AR,4 heavy rains in northeastern Numeria opened a wide sinkhole and exposed a section of the Divinity that had remained buried up until that point. The local Mountain Crows Kellid tribe tried to hide it from the Technic League, but its agent Alling Tresorant nonetheless discovered it in 4628 AR4 and found that he could single-handedly control the important discovery due to its small size compared to Silver Mount.12

As Alling explored the wreck, he became addicted to the Numerian fluids inside it and communicated with the strange intelligences that spoke within. Realising that a lifetime would be insufficient to unlock all secrets of Crowhollow, he set out to become a lich, and discovered his own formula for transformation when guided by one such intelligence.12

Alling discovered that the part of the wreck located in Crowhollow was formerly one of the Divinity's hangars, and within it he found a mostly intact shuttle and a damaged extinction wave device.3 His lair is guarded by hidden laser turrets and contains a damaged interplanetary communicator that produces only static audio and low-quality videos. He has created numerous undead creatures and repaired a number of robots (mostly torturer robots, as well as a pair of myrmidons and a prized surgeon robot) to serve him and guard his lair.3


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