Surgeon robot

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Surgeon robot

Any (Numeria)
Source: Palace of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 90

Surgeon robots are a model of mantis-like robots designed by the Androffans to perfectly perform complicated surgery on patients of various species. To aid them in their job, surgeon robots are armed with various surgical tools, a database full of techniques and alien physiologies, and an internal, nanite-powered pharmaceutical laboratory. Driven to perfect their craft, surgeon robots regularly need new test subjects and are willing to collect such subjects against their will. The Technic League has never succeeded to deactivate this obsession from reprogrammed surgeon robots, and they sometimes work as surgeons for other creatures in exchange for subjects. Aside from medicine, they have also been used to torture subjects or keep them drugged for months. Surgeon robots stand seven feet tall in their normal quadrupedal gait, or ten feet when standing upright, and weigh a bit more than 600 pounds.1


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