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The Briarstone Witch
Ustalav (formerly); Carcosa
Yonah (ratling)
Source: Black Stars Beckon, pg(s). 58–59

Ariadnah, the Briarstone Witch, is a legendary witch born in Ustalav. She is a descendant of the Kellid Lacksong clan, which inhabited the shores of Lake Encarthan before being driven away from their ancestral home during the founding of the nation of Ustalav.12


Bitter over her peoples' fate, Ariadnah sought to find a way to avenge herself on Ustalav's population. Her prayers to her goddess, Shub-Niggurath, eventually led her to the Star Stelae, enchanted artifacts originally erected by the flying polyps in the distant past that had the potential to open a connection to alien realms and their inhabitants.12

Ariadnah resolved to use the stelae, which were located in the coastal town of Thrushmoor, to call an aspect of Shub-Niggurath into the world to spread misery and destruction. She insinuated herself into the local population, driving Thrushmoor's citizens towards more and more evil acts, and successfully contacted and bound an entity known as the Tatterman. Ariadnah completed her rituals as the corrupted citizenry rose in rebellion against the government and the church of Pharasma, but a malfunction in the stelae interfered with her magic. Instead of summoning an alien entity into the world, Ariadnah was herself transported to the parasite city of Carcosa, where she was left stranded.23

This mistake did not halt Ariadnah's dreams of vengeance. She has endured in Carcosa for 600 years, even as memory of her faded to myth on Golarion, transforming herself into a lich (although she still maintains the outwards appearance of a mortal, if aged, woman). She plans to fully activate the Star Stelae to bring the Great Old One Xhamen-Dor to Thrushmoor, allowing her to both return to her home world and to feed the town to Carcosa, allowing her to finally fulfill her desire for revenge against the people who wronged her ancestors long ago.24


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