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Titles The Inmost Blot;
The Star Seed
Home Formerly Carcosa; currently Golarion
Alignment Neutral evil
Areas of Concern Decay
Worshipers Nomads, seeded, sentinels
Cleric Alignments
Domains Death, Evil, Plant, Trickery
Subdomains Decay, Deception, Murder, Undead
Favored Weapon Spear
Symbol Sphere of tendrils
Sacred Animal None
Sacred Colors Black, dark green
Images of Xhamen-Dor

Source: Wake of the Watcher, pg(s). 64
Type Plant
(aquatic, evil, Great Old One)
CR 26
Environment Any
Images of Xhamen-Dor

Source: What Grows Within, pg(s). 86f.

Xhamen-Dor,[1] also referred to as the The Inmost Blot or The Star Seed, is a Great Old One which has as its unholy symbol a sphere of tendrils with two long descending tails.


Once the Great Old One had the form of a broken reptilian skeleton with pronounced growths of fungoid tendrils and infested many worlds. After some calamity for Xhamen-Dor, however, its form changed to just a single blot of its fungoid intelligence that was imprisoned within a comet. This comet collided with Golarion after its trajectory was altered at the time of Earthfall. The exact whereabouts of Xhamen-Dor is unknown, though his cult maintains the comet now lies beneath a remote lake. The Inmost Blot has begun to infect Golarion from his watery resting place turning victims into undead creatures powered by a combination of necromancy and Xhamen-Dor's fungal essence.[2]


Paizo published a major article, "Xhamen-Dor, the Inmost Blot", by James Jacobs in What Grows Within.

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