Bone idol

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Bone idol

Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 82

A bone idol is a grisly fetish that has been the focus of worship—often primitive in nature—for so long that it has gained a small amount of magical power.1


Bone idols are idols made from bone, either animal or human, that are primitively carved and tied together with twine or hair until they resemble a small figure. The figurine has a distorted, large head and fearsome grin, and an impressive necklace of teeth hangs around its neck. Many bone idols are carved to resemble fearsome monkeys or apes rather than humans.1

Habitat and ecology

Bone idols can be found wherever worship is focused on primitive fetishes, and are most common in the depths of the Mwangi Expanse. While many bone idols are fashioned in the image of some obscure deity of disease or beasts, the most popular deity depicted is the demon lord of apes, savage Angazhan.1


As constructs, bone idols have no need to eat. Being bitten by one causes the victim to go into a uncontrollable, bestial rage that often turns them against their former allies. Any zombie created near a bone idol becomes faster and stronger than they would otherwise, making them valuable to necromancers.1