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Idols are constructs1 or intelligent magic items2 whose powers are often divine in nature12 and might be fueled by sacrifices made to them by their worshippers.2


Idols are not always intentionally created. Some spontaneously gain sentience and a spark of deific power after being the focus of prayer or divine requests over long periods of time,2 while others come alive during magical events or are crafted through rituals by spellcasters.1


The more worshippers an idol has, the more powerful it becomes, and its power degrades if it fails to receive sufficient monthly sacrifices. Sacrifices can take many forms depending on the idol's nature and can include money, food, blood, and other magic items. An idol's power can grow more rapidly if sacrifices occur on holy days specific to each idol, and some of an idol's powers can manifest only on these dates.2

All idols can see, hear, read, and communicate urges and emotions empathically. Powerful idols can speak languages or use telepathy, and certain idols can also move (either as an animated object, through unnatural flight, or by teleportation), supernaturally influence others, cast spells, grant spells to worshippers, extend their worshippers' lifespans,2 or share their abilities with others.1 Many of an idol's powers are limited to their proximity, though this range can grow alongside their power and influence.2


Many idols can be damaged but cannot be permanently destroyed via mundane means. Each idol instead has a very specific, and often difficult, method through which it can be fully destroyed.2

Known idols and types of idol


Idols are described in two different ways: as constructs in What Lies in Dust p. 82–85, and as intelligent items in Occult Realms p. 60–62.4

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