Caves of the Craven

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The Caves of the Craven are an enormous network of damp caves and tunnels located beneath the Calphiak Mountains of western Varisia. The caves' main inhabitants are countless tribes of goblins who raid the nearby human communities of the Velashu River valley. The tunnels eventually lead down to Nar-Voth and provide the most direct route from the surface to the xulgath realm of Kuvhoshik. The goblins of the caves fear the xulgaths and generally keep out of their affairs.12

The caves also have a connection to ancient history. They were the escape route for a group of elves from the nearby city of Celwynvian in the Mierani Forest, who chose to escape the imminent impact of the Starstone by fleeing deep underground in -5293 AR. Although this exodus saved them from the worst ravages of Earthfall, they encountered dangers in the Darklands they had never expected.2


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