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The troglodyte realm of Kuvhoshik is located in the Darklands region of Nar-Voth, beneath the Calphiak Mountains of western Varisia.[1] It is the north-westernmost section of Nar-Voth below the continent of Avistan.[2]


Although troglodytes generally prefer to live in small family groups, the caves and tunnels of Kovhoshik provide the rare exception. Over a hundred tribes dwell here in close proximity to one another. They spend most of their time at each other's throats, conducting raids to capture slaves, eggs, or supplies. Only when threatened by an outside invasion, such as from ogres or goblins from the Caves of the Craven above, or from gugs or wormfolk from Denebrum below do they unite to defend their common interests. These temporary alliances are so fleeting, however, that they are regularly broken even before the common enemy has been repelled.[1]


The tunnels of Kuvhoshik were used over 10,000 years ago by the elves of Celwynvian as an escape route into the Darklands, fleeing the destruction of Earthfall.[3]


As already stated, Kuvhoshik is connected to the surface through the twisting tunnels of the Caves of the Craven in western Varisia. Strangely, Kuvhoshik has no major connections to the caverns of Sekamina, although passages do go deeper, ending in the neothelid realm of Denebrum in the vaults of Orv, far below,[1][2] as well as connecting to the realm of Gongorina.[4]


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