Calphiak Mountains

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The Calphiak Mountains are a range in western Varisia, bordering the Varisian Gulf and the Steaming Sea. They are considered one of the youngest mountain ranges in Varisia, having been born in the cataclysm the caused the western portion of the Thassilonian empire to fall into the sea 10,000 years ago.1

Points of interest

The mountains are a wild place filled with countless cave systems,2 but there are a few locations which stand out.

Caves of the Craven

These caves are where a group of Mierani elves fled the destruction of Earthfall. Gathering what they valued the most, they fled into the Darklands, never to be heard from again. The caves are now overrun by tribes of goblins who live in its damp caverns.3


The city of Riddleport is located in the easternmost portion of the mountains, where large bluffs provide a good natural defense against attacks.4

Valley of Stars

This crater is believed to be a massive Thassilonian ruin once used for observation of the stars.1


The Calphiaks are the home of the Shadde-Quah, or Axe Clan, the only tribe of Shoanti found east of the Velashu River. These fierce warriors live in the coastal valleys and make things difficult for raiders from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, whom they see as trying to encroach on their territory.5

The mountains are also home to fierce tribes of goblins,6 ogres, trolls,7 and even the occasional dragon.8


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