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Velashu River

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The Velashu River is one of the major rivers of northwestern Varisia. It winds a circuitous route from its source high in the Red Mountains past the Rift of Niltak, across the wide Velashu Uplands, and finally cuts through the edge of the Calphiak Mountains to flow into the Varisian Gulf at the city of Riddleport.[1] Near the city, the Velashu takes on an unwholesome appearance and smell, thanks to the many citizens who use it as a latrine and garbage dump.[2] A small island sits near the mouth of the Velashu within the boundaries of Riddleport: Maskyr's Island. The islet holds Overlord Cromarcky's estate and the city's various administrative buildings, but is only accessible by ferry.[3] The mouth of the Velashu itself is straddled by the immense Cyphergate, whose true purpose is one of Varisia's most enduring mysteries.[4] Beyond the Cyphergate, the river flows into Riddleport harbor.[5]


Small farming communities can be found near the city of Riddleport that supply the city with foodstuffs.[6] Gnomish traders have been known to occasionally ply this river, but how they make a living on it (considering how unpopulated the area is) is anyone's guess.[7]