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Chicome couatl

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Chicome couatl
A chicome.
Type Outsider
CR 16
Environment Warm badlands or ruins
Images of chicomes

Source: Borne by the Sun's Grace, pg(s). 82

Chicomes are powerful but gentle couatls who restore nature in lands that have been cleansed of evil.[1]


A chicome resembles a winged serpent with verdant green or brown wing feathers, and crimson head and crest feathers. Its wings exude showers of dew and pollen. It is typically 40 feet long with a wingspan of 30 feet and weighs 5,500 pounds. Chicomes can also take the form of animals, vermin, dragons, or magical beasts.[1]


Chicomes are solitary creatures and only show up in lands that have recently suffered great devastation and then been cleansed of evil, which they deem worthy of restoration; the exact rubrics for such worthy lands are unknown. Employing druidic magic to purge residual poisons and pathogens and plant the seeds of new lives, the chicome restores the balance of nature in the land. If necessary, it also coaxes animals from elsewhere to populate the restored environment.[1]


Chicomes frequently survey their habitat to determine whether they are still needed or not, and search for those that can continue their stewardship: typically an awakened animal, or sometimes a resident of a nearby settlement. Such individuals, known as Children of the Chicome, learn druidic magic from the chicome, and will be reincarnated by the chicome when they die, typically as the animal they most identified with in life.[1]


Chicomes usually serve nature-oriented or life-related deities like Erastil or Cihua Couatl, or empyreal lords like Valani or Cernunnos; some are dedicated to the primordial forces of nature. Some even worship non-good deities like Feronia or Gozreh, but never those who concern themselves with spreading civilisation or destroying nature like Abadar.[1]


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