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Awakened animal
Yrure'tugala, an awakened dire ape.

Source: Animal Archive, pg. 22 (1E)
Howl of the Wild (2E)
See also: Awaken, awaken animal, and awakened plant

Awakened animals, also known as intelligent animals, are animals granted a level of sapient intelligence—whether by spell, ritual, or other force—that other animals lack. The intellect of awakened animals can rival those of advanced humanoids.12

Such animals often take on a personality derived from its natural tendencies. Awakened herd animals who were prone to stampeding prior to being awakened, for instance, might become raging barbarians, while stealthy cats might become rangers or rogues when awakened.2

On Golarion

The town of Bellis was once plagued by a swarm of awakened bees.3


The city of Usaro in the Mwangi Expanse is home to approximately 100 awakened apes.4

A pack of awakened dire wolves from the Wilewood claimed an abandoned village in the River Kingdom of Sevenarches, which they call the Den.5 The awakened mammoth Hillstomper guards a mammoth graveyard in the Stolen Lands of the River Kingdoms; he shares a common druidic progenitor with the awakened horse Windchaser.6

Swarms of dire rats known as the hadi, descended from Shory experiments and awakened by leukodaemon meddling, populate the ruins of Kho.7

Animals that drink from the Jansagar Lake, located in the Crying Jungle of Vudra, become awakened. Thousands of awakened animals populate the Janvari mahajanapada and are led by Tendula, an awakened panther rajah.8

Items and manifestations

The Shepherd is a diabolical manifestation of Barbatos in the form of a throne of bones. Placing an animal on the throne awakens it into a lawful, evil servant of Barbatos.9

In the Great Beyond

Awakened animals are often the minions of psychopomp ushers, such as:

The awakened blue jay Ceru is a famed resident of Port Eclipse in the Plane of Air.15

Notable awakened animals

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Paizo featured awakened animals as an ancestry in Howl of the Wild.

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