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Titles The Stag Lord
The Horned Lord
Home Briarbough, Elysium
Alignment Chaotic good
Areas of Concern Fertility
Wild animals
Worshipers Elven fighters and rogues,
Good fey,
Plant creatures
Druids and rangers
Cleric Alignments
Domains Animal, Chaos, Good, Plant
Subdomains Azata, Feather, Fur, Growth
Favored Weapon Longbow
Symbol Stag with jeweled antlers
Sacred Animal Stag
Sacred Colors Brown, green
Type Outsider
(azata, chaotic, extraplanar, good)
CR 30
Environment Any forest or plain (Elysium)

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 88

Cernunnos is a mercurial azata empyreal lord who stealthily ventures through the forests of the Great Beyond. The Stag Lord aims to set right natural balances that are out of kilter and indulge in his passions.[1][2]

Cernunnos favors decisive action and, though he rarely makes a rash decision, he will sometimes let his anger overcome him and descend himself into Hell or the Abyss to exact revenge on demons and devils he has a personal vendetta for. Cernunnos is a wise and powerful Empyreal Lord and is thought to be almost a god.


Cernunnos was one of the first being the Fey Lords created and he was the first one to leave the First World. When war comes to the outer planes Cernunnos is usually counseling action and decisive moves, while his counterpart, Korada, is usually counseling caution.


Cernunnos gets along well with most deities and demi-gods, but evil deities are treated with distrust. Cernunnos is a powerful supporter of Desna, as well as all of the other nature gods and most of the good gods too.


Cernunnos lives in Briarbough, a demi-plane connected to Elysium. It is filled with trees and bears a strong resemblance to the First World.


Cernunnos presents himself as a muscular elf with dull fur clothes that bear drawings of birds in flight or leaping animals.

Church of Cernunnos

The faithful of Cernunnos are mainly intelligent plant creatures, fey, and mortal rangers.

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