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A chicome coatl.

Feathered serpents that usually serve the highest powers of good, coatls—also known as the Plumed Ones among other monikers,1 and sometimes spelled coatl—are not only powerful creatures but are also powerful symbols of goodness. There are a few varieties of coatl with differing philosophies and appearances.23 Coatls often serve as messengers for good deities or directly intercede in the lives of mortals under their own powers, but all coatls seek to drive mortals to their highest possible potential.4


Arcadian legend states that sahkils and coatls both rose after the creation of mortals and work in opposition to each other. Sahkils seek the decline of mortals into fear, while coatls seek to uplift them. Coatls thus work to combat the sahkils when possible.5 Azlanti legends suggest coatls contributed to the development of agriculture in the nascent empire, and Arodenite tales suggest that coatls accompanied him in his travels as a living god. Elven legends attribute the development of early humanity to coatls, which some elves use to suggest coatls might not be as wise as believed.6


Quetz coatls are the most common type, and many scholars and adventurers refer to them generically as "coatls". However, there are several types of coatls (see navbox), each with their own personalities, goals, and tendencies.7


Coatls themselves have three deities whose word and missions trump all others: Cihua Coatl, Pahti Coatl, and Tolte Coatl.4

On Golarion

Coatls predominantly live in Arcadia,6 where they commonly ally with amurruns in their battles against evil.8

In the Inner Sea region coatls live around the southern reaches of the Zho Mountains of Qadira9 and have long been influential across the Mwangi Expanse.6 Coatl feathers are prized among collectors of the Inner Sea.10

The Winged Serpent card of the Varisian Harrow is depicted as a quetz coatl.11


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