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Titles The Fertile Flame
Home Cradle of Flames, Elemental Plane of Fire
Alignment Neutral
Areas of Concern Fertility, sacred fires, wildfire
Cleric Alignments
Domains Destruction, Fire, Liberation, Protection
Subdomains Ash, Catastrophe, Freedom, Smoke
Favored Weapon Bastard sword
Symbol Bonfire under stars
Sacred Animal Rabbit
Sacred Colors Blue, yellow

Feronia is a little-known demigoddess, native to the Plane of Fire, who briefly took the archdevil Dispater as a spouse. Even though their union was relatively short (lasting only a few centuries), it produced the empyreal lord Ragathiel.[1] Feronia and Dispater remain on friendly terms, and correspond once a year, but out of respect for Dispater's current wife, Erecura, they never meet in person.[2]