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A chicome couatl.

Feathered serpents that usually serve the highest powers of good, couatls are not only powerful creatures but are also powerful symbols of goodness. There are a few varieties of couatl with differing philosophies and appearances.12 Couatls often serve as messengers for good deities or directly intercede in the lives of mortals under their own powers, but all couatls seek to drive mortals to their highest possible potential. Couatls themselves have three gods whose word and missions trump all others named Cihua Couatl, Pahti Couatl, and Tolte Couatl.3

Arcadian legend states that the sahkils and the couatl both rose after the creation of mortals and work in opposition. The sahkils seek the decline of mortals into fear, while the couatls seek their uplift. Couatls thus work to combat the sahkils when possible.4


  1. In the Bestiary section of For Queen & Empire, Paizo started to discuss varieties of couatl renaming the standard couatl, found in the Bestiary, a "quetz couatl" and introducing new couatl variants. This page discusses the broader family of couatls, whereas the standard couatl found in the Bestiary is now discussed at quetz couatl. Please note that Paizo always uses the full name when referring to a particular variant of couatl, so always "quetz couatl" and never "quetz".
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