Concordance of Rivals

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Concordance of Rivals
(Magic item)

Caster Level (1E)
25th (assumed)
Major artifact (assumed)
Slot (1E)
Source: Hell Unleashed, pg(s). 16
This article is about the magic book. For the Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook, see Concordance of Rivals (sourcebook).

The Concordance of Rivals is one of three legendary books compiled by the angel Tabris, along with the Book of the Damned and Chronicle of the Righteous, that purportedly contain all knowledge in existence.1 The Concordance of Rivals describes Axis, the Boneyard and the Maelstrom, and includes details of their rulers and inhabitants: proteans, psychopomps, inevitables, axiomites and associated creatures.2


The Concordance of Rivals is divided into numerous chapters, including:2

  • Whence Dusk Begets Dawn
  • On the Certainty and Fluidity of Existence
  • The First Souls
  • On the Meeting of Order and Chaos
  • Eternal Opposition
  • Heresies of Miscalculations in the Reverence of Otolmens
  • Of Creation and Destruction
  • Dispute with the Lady of Graves


The book was compiled by Tabris, an angel who collected lore of the Great Beyond but whose endeavours with the Book of the Damned led to his trial and exile from Heaven.341 According to Tabris, he felt a sceptical tranquility when doing the research for the Concordance of Rivals.5


Paizo published Concordance of Rivals (sourcebook), which details the in-world Concordance of Rivals.

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