Conjured Siege

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The Conjured Siege was an unsuccessful attack on the city-state of Absalom by the Arclords of Nex in 2850 AR.1 Bitter after the loss of the island of Jalmeray to the Vudrani, the Arclords spent great amounts of money, time, and influence to hire, summon, charm, and even magically create an army to attack the city. Supplies during the siege became critically low, and Absalom nearly lost the siege due to their military commanders' incompetence. In addition, Absalom's foreign allies decided not to come to its aid, assuming they could take over the city once the Arclords finished with it. Absalom eventually defeated the attackers by rediscovering its own strength, focusing all its efforts on its defense on pain of death, and hiring ruthless mercenaries, assassins, and demon summoners. They were also assisted by the Ashawar Lancers, a company of Vudrani soldiers, who had already successfully defeated the Arclords on Jalmeray.2


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