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Nation Qadira
Region Alavah Peninsula
Size Metropolis
Population 89,760

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 153

Sedeq[1] is a city in southern Qadira and the center of the nation's lucrative slave trade. It is located on the Alavah Peninsula south of the Zho Mountains, and is also known for its warm breezes and lush gardens.[2][3]


Sedeq is the eastern hub of the lucrative North Tack trading route, and countless goods make their way from the eastern empire of Kelesh through Sedeq to the Inner Sea.[4] The city offers much more than merely slaves, and the Qalli Spice Market alone is so large as to contain several smaller markets within it.[5] The Aspis Consortium, an international trade organizations with interests throughout the Inner Sea region is well aware of the city's commercial importance, and has placed its regional headquarters in Sedeq.[6]


In Sedeq, slaves are shorn, processed and readied for the auction block. In addition to the more traditional humanoid slaves, Sedeq is also known for its genie binders, masters of capturing and imprisoning all manner of genies and the elemental races derived from them, such as jann, ifrits and oreads. Sedeq genie binders even offer the highly prized (and fiendishly expensive) bottled djinn and shaitans encased in amber. Enslaved genies and their kin are sold to those with enough coin, though sometimes a genie escapes its binder and wreaks havoc on the city.[3]