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Nyagvard, an elder xorn.
Type Outsider
(earth, extraplanar)
CR 6
Environment Any (Plane of Earth)
Images of xorns

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 284

Xorns are three-legged, three-armed, and three-eyed natives of the Plane of Earth who come to the Material Plane in search of interesting metals and gemstones to consume.[1]


Xorns have a mutually predatory relationship with rock trolls, another species that is both composed of and feeds upon gems and minerals, leading to ferocious clashes when groups of the two creatures encounter one another.[2]

On distant worlds

Xorns can be found on any of the rocky planets or moons our the solar system that contain gems or precious metals. They are particularly drawn to Bretheda's crystalline moon of Dykon.[3]

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