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Large town
2,234 humans, 75 halflings, 44 aiuvarins, 28 other
Ealdorman Ivik Gunnett
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 142

Iadenveigh is a reclusive and isolated town of woodsmen and hunters in southern Numeria on the upper reaches of the Dagger River. Located on the northern outskirts of the Echo Wood, the citizens of Iadenveigh reject any association with the Technic League that controls the Numerian capital of Starfall.1


Although they believe in the use of magic, anyone possessing technology is accused of collaboration with the Technic League and quickly subjected to a mock trial and primitive, yet effective, execution.1 This technophobia dates back to an incident where robots brought by traders rampaged through the town's street.2

The town is particularly devout in the worship of Erastil,3 crowning its walls with shed elk antlers in homage.2


The Elkhorn Wall surrounds Iadenveigh with a reinforced earthen barrier 10 to 15 feet tall. Most of the town is divided into four quarters, all surrounding the mound known as the Brow:4

Longbitter Lake runs along the eastern side of the town.

Notable locations


Iadenveigh is governed by the Deadeye Council, an 18-member body of the town's residents.4


Iadenveigh is a young town, founded in 4649 AR by Molthuni exiles from Canorate.7 However, settlement in the area dates back centuries prior, to a large Kellid tribe that built an earthen wall to defend itself from the area's strangely mutated creatures. Kellids living south of Starcaller Rock experienced mutations of their own, and after a series of ill omens, the entire clan apparently vanished.2

The Molthuni exiles who resettled the area named their settlement after their patron from Lastwall, its location inspired by the sight of a red elk that they considered a sign from Erastil. The settlers found that most of the creatures suffered from some form of mutation except for herds of elk, which the residents also interpreted as a blessing of Erastil.2

Again, settlers to the south of Iadenveigh experienced strange mutations after a generation of drinking the water on the Brow's south side and distanced themselves from it, calling the area "Badwater".2

Prominent residents


Paizo published a major article about the town of Iadenveigh, including a map and gazetteer, in The Choking Tower.

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