Embeth Forest

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The Embeth Forest is nestled firmly in the River Kingdoms surrounded by Mivon to the northeast, Pitax to the north, Touvette and Gralton to the west, Hymbria to the south, and Liberthane to the east. No major parts of the Sellen River flow through the dense forest, but creeks and tributaries weave through the region. Embeth forest lies in a low-lying area featuring stagnant marshes and low hills. The land does not support farming of any sort and the marshy forest is filled with spiteful sprites and dangerous animals. The region is avoided by most travelers but often used as a hidden refuge.1

The only settlement in the forest is the strange isolated town of Uringen founded by the infamous Ulfen skald Birji Uringen in 4637 AR.2 A part of the town, around its central mysterious clock tower, disappears from time to time for several days. It seems that it is sent into a pocket dimension partially outside of time. A band of rangers called the Embeth Travelers, led by Jamel Visser, makes its home in the dense marshy forest. The group made clear its concerns about the dangers of the unstuck Uringen and feel the fey-led raids put the town in serious danger. The group maintains a number of camps throughout the forest, and they make the best guides for those wishing to find the town.1

A plant called nightmoss which grows in towering cypress trees throughout the Embeth Forest, is in demand. A small number of Uringen residents use their secret formulae to brew the moss into powerful potions aimed at strengthening the body and healing physical conditions. A human druid, named Erinin Thulgath, established her own camp at the southeastern edge of the forest. Having stolen the secret of nightmoss's healing properties, Erinin and her group brew potent alchemical products.1

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