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Sprites troubling a dwarf.
Sprite swarm
Type Fey
CR 5
Environment Temperate forest

Source: Fey Revisited, pg(s). 62

Sprites (or luminous sprites) are primitive, diminutive fey who live in forests. They rarely get taller than nine inches, weighing up to two pounds. Sprites choose to defend nature; however, not all recipients for their protection want or need it. They are distrustful of all other creatures, including other fey. They are curious about magic and some sprites are receptive to becoming a spellcaster's familiar.[1]


Sprites are most often bards, rogues, or sorcerers, though sprite rangers and druids do exist and tap into their love of nature. Similarly, sprite witches and wizards are even more enthusiastic about learning the secrets of magic, and sprite oracles approach the contradictions of their mystery from the experience of living the contradictions between the fey and mortal worlds.[2]

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There is a major chapter about sprites in Fey Revisited.

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