Gray Falls Lodge

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Just west of the Embeth Forest, a gray and weather-worn gristmill leans wearily over a trickling stream that slowly feeds into one of the dozens of winding tributaries of the Sellen River. The gristmill belongs to Sayrin Firewyne, a gnome with a romanticized interest in her fey roots who specializes in the lost knowledge of the First World.12

The Gristmill serves as the front for the unlikely venture-captain's Pathfinder lodge, called the Gray Falls Lodge. It also serves as a sanctuary for a handful of local fey, in addition to being the permanent residence of a small band of pixies who nest in the rafters, and a nixie who resides in the stream.12

The Gristmill contains an observatory and is powered by a secret magical contraption that resides behind a waterfall near the cottage.12


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