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Spices are trade goods used to preserve and flavor food and drinks, and in some applications can serve as a form of natural medicine. Most are naturally grown or bred, though some benefit from alchemy and druidic magic to enhance their properties.1 Qadiran alchemists also import and cross-breed spices with specimens collected from other planes to further increase their medicinal potency.2

Spices are used widely in the Inner Sea region. Spices and herbs like basil, dill, rosemary, coriander, fennel, thyme, marjoram, oregano, tarragon, parsley, and others are often used in dishes together with citrus and nightshade. Savory or sweet dishes are spiced by cumin, paprika, turmeric, cinnamon, or ginger. Most of these spices are not rare and can be purchased for around 1 sp per ounce.3


Name Origins Description
Anulite paprika Anuli, Holomog A hot spice found in Anuli's seafood and vegetable dishes.4
Black cumin Qadira Nutty, fortifying seasoning for savory foods.2
Black powder Casmaron; Vudra; Dongun Hold, Alkenstar Peppery with preservative qualities when used as a spice, though infrequently used as such outside of emergencies due to cost.5
Coruscant Katheer, Qadira Coruscant is made out of the dried stigmas of a rainbow crocus flower that grows only in plains north of Katheer. Depending on the flower's maturity at the time of harvest, coruscant can come in a variety of hues and flavors. Every stage is complex and vibrant hues color the dishes the spice is used in. Coruscant can be bought for around 1 to 3 gp per ounce, with more mature varieties commanding higher prices.3
Fen pepper Mushfens, Varisia The most popular spice in Golarion and a staple of Inner Sea cuisine. A piper vine fruit that looks like black beads with a pungent, nose-clearing aroma,3 which is particularly popular in Magnimar.6
Flaming sumac Qadira Tart spice that can prevent some disease symptoms if consistently consumed.2
Frog's eye Mushfens, Varisia A popular spice in Magnimar.6
Golden cardamom Qadira Powdered seeds are sweet, used in rice and desserts, preventative against some disease symptoms, and used as a fragrant perfume and in dental hygiene.2
Miresh Mushfens, Varisia A popular spice in Magnimar.6
Mottled palette berry Palette Falls, Nirmathas Unique to their home region.7
Pesh flower Katapesh Used separately from the narcotic plant.8
Salt Osirion;9 Thuvia;10 Ravounel11 The most traded seasoning in the world, salt is common and can be bought for 5 sp per half-pound bag.3
Striped nutmeg Qadira Flavors desserts and meats, and can prevent some disease symptoms.2
Sunrise cinnamon Qadira Seasons sweet and savory foods alike. Causes sweating, and when consumed consistently can acclimate a person to extreme heat.2
Thileu bark Varisia Ground into a hot, even painful, spice.8
Tiger clove Qadira Seasons sweet and savory foods, and can be brewed into tea or chewed to freshen breath and as a digestive aid.2
Violet salt Qadira Helps to stave off thirst when used to season a meal.2
Whiplily Mushfens, Varisia A popular spice in Magnimar.6


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