Flytrap leshy

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Flytrap leshy
Type Plant
(leshy, shapechanger)
CR 4
Environment Warm marshes or wetlands

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 156

Flytrap leshys are particularly violent leshys corresponding to carnivorous plants.[1]


In addition to the central flytrap that serves as its head, a typical flytrap leshy has two additional, smaller flytraps that serve as its hands. More powerful flytrap leshys exist with greater numbers of heads and hands. A typical flytrap leshy is two feet tall and weighs 20 pounds.[1]


Flytrap leshys have to be grown in wetlands and are fed a small pile of insects in order to emerge. Unlike most other leshys, flytrap leshys are carnivorous, preferring insects, and offering it a rare insect to eat is one of the few ways to placate a flytrap leshy.[1]

Flytrap leshys represent the harsh but necessary cruelty of nature. When necessary to protect their homes, flytrap leshys start controlled fires, relying on their fire resistance.[1]


Flytrap leshys do not go out of their way to pick fights, but are eager to face off against intruders, and tend to shoot first, ask questions later. They coordinate with each other so seamlessly that an amalgam of flytrap leshys is nearly indistinguishable from a single creature, but rarely work together with other creatures.[1]


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