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Vine leshy
A vine leshy.
A vine leshy verdivant.

Vine leshies are a species of free-willed, individualistic leshy with a particular connection to mortals.1


Vine leshies have bodies made of twisted vines and leaves, and optionally fruits and flowers depending on the species of vine used in their construction. Most have round eyes, a small mouth, no visible nose, and a face framed by a large cluster of leaves.1


Vine leshies grow best in areas with enough sunlight, and once they sprout, they must be given support (usually a sturdy tree) in order to grow. The nature spirit that inhabits a vine leshy is always one particularly influenced by mortals. Vine leshies made from poison ivy carry natural poison in their bodies, while those made from grape vines can produce magically infused fruit to heal allies.1


Compared to other leshies, vine leshies more easily relate to non-plants and are relatively curious about them and their societies. Being leshies, they have no family structure. They form strong friendships with companions who adventure with them or help them protect natural sites.1

Vine leshies are likely to be nomadic (unlike the other, sedentary leshies), protect multiple wards during their lives, and are usually inclined to seek out their creators, whom they see as friends instead of parents. They love storytelling and focus on the meaning and message rather than the details, which they consider unnecessary and hard to remember. A story transmitted through multiple vine leshies usually retains only the core message, not the details.1

Vine leshies initially judge other races through memories of their past incarnations, but this can change over time. In unfamiliar situations, they usually hide in vegetation and observe before showing themselves.1

Unlike other leshies, vine leshies are not grown to be servants. Some vine leshies consider this servitude slavery, while others view it as an honourable tradition; they might either take other leshies as minions or sponsor and guide them like wayward children, protecting them from servitude.1

Vine leshies do not fear death, knowing that their spirits will remain and might find a new body if their current one is destroyed. As a result, they usually take risks, but not particularly excessive ones. Vine leshies do not have a single name, and frequently rename themselves as they age and accumulate experiences. A vine leshy may even have several names at once among which they cycle.1


Vine leshies usually follow the Green Faith but consider religion relatively unimportant. Faithful ones usually worship Gozreh, a green man, or an Eldest.1


Paizo published a significant article about vine leshies in Ultimate Wilderness.

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