Snapdragon leshy

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Snapdragon leshy
Type Plant
(leshy, shapechanger)
CR 4
Environment Temperate hills or urban

Source: Fangs of War, pg(s). 86

Snapdragon leshys are a species of particularly extroverted and attention-seeking leshys.[1]


A snapdragon leshy resembles a small humanoid with a giant snapdragon blossom for a head.[1]


Snapdragon leshys grow best in rocky, dry soil. The leshy will only sprout if told stories and jokes a few times a day and attended by a dozen of bystanders during its emergence.[1]

Snapdragon leshys try to elicit reactions from those around them, sometimes resorting to annoying pranks. Even if chased off by townsfolk, they are quick to forgive so long as nobody comes to harm. The snapdragon leshy's bloom lasso releases intoxicating pollen, causing those struck by it to giggle uncontrollably.[1]