Sunflower leshy

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Sunflower leshy

Sunflower leshies are a social, diplomatic species of leshies corresponding to sunflowers.1


A sunflower leshy's head is surrounded by a circle of petals which range from soft butter yellow to bright orange to plum with white tips. Serrated green leaves sprout like a ruff beneath its head. A sunflower leshy stands four feet tall and weighs 75 pounds. Sunflower leshies reflect sources of bright light from their faces onto all who come too close.1


Sunflower leshies are grown from seeds of extant ones under bright sunlight. The maker must water and talk to the sprout daily to encourage its growth, and the conversations must be positive.1


Sunflower leshies are dependent on companionship and socialising with other creatures: isolated ones become depressed and lose their petals and heliotrope aura after a week. If welcomed into another group, the aura is restored in a day and the petals in a week.1

Sunflower leshies are peaceful, shun violence and protect themselves with the number of their bands and their heliotrope aura. Other leshies look to them to serve as mediators.1


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