Lotus leshy

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Lotus leshy
A lotus leshy.
Type Plant
(leshy, shapechanger)
CR 5
Environment Warm lakes or ponds
Images of lotus leshys

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 157

Lotus leshys are enigmatic leshys who guard secluded ponds and lakes.[1]


A lotus leshy resembles a child-sized humanoid plant with a lotus flower for a head. A typical lotus leshy stands three feet tall and weighs 15 pounds.[1]


Lotus leshys must be grown near the edges of warm, quiet bodies of water, and the creator must meditate by their side before they sprout. Lotus leshys spend most of their time in meditation as lotus flowers. They avoid combat whenever possible, preferring to use their aura of tranquillity and soporific pollen to calm down or lull foes to sleep.[1]


Lotus leshys do not shun the company of others and take humanoid form if they need to converse. They are fascinated by philosophy and religion and extensively study Irori, but do not worship him. They think that contemplation and discussion are more useful than concrete, direct answers, and believe that the latter stifles thinking. If someone reacts to their indirect answers with impatience, they return to lotus form.[1]


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