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Gourd leshy

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Gourd leshy
Gourd leshy.jpg
Type Plant
(leshy, shapechanger)
CR 1
Environment Any hills or plains

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 178

Gourd leshys are superstitious leshy who protect crops like cereals and vegetables.[1]


A gourd leshy has tangles of leafy vines for limbs and a carved gourd for a head. The exact nature and appearance of a gourd leshy's features can vary wildly between individuals.[1]


Gourd leshys are deeply superstitious, doing their best to exactly reproduce every trivial activity, changing seemingly random details when retrying something they failed and collecting random items as good luck charms. Gourd leshys are credulous and never doubt anything from the mouths of those they trust, but have a long memory and rarely forget betrayals.[1]

In battle, gourd leshys often hide in their gourd forms to suddenly strike when the unsuspecting enemy comes within close range. The seeds and slam attack of a gourd leshy entangle the target in vines.[1]