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High girallon
Olujimi, an angazhani warrior.

Warm forests
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 154
This article refers to the four-armed creature. For other followers of the demon lord also referred to as Angazhanis, see Cult and worshipers of Angazhan.

Angazhanis, also known as girallons, are large, sapient, jungle-dwelling carnivores that resemble four-armed gorillas, but have a far more bloodthirsty disposition. More powerful and intelligent angazhanis are known as high girallons and are sometimes distinguished by having white fur.123


Angazhanis resemble giant gorillas with a few notable differences. Adults are typically up to nine feet tall and weigh up to 1,000 pounds, making them far larger and heavier than the average gorilla. They have an additional pair of arms growing from their torso that provide added dexterity and allow them to tear creatures limb from limb.12 They sometimes dress in hides and braid bone trophies into their fur.1

Habitat and society

Old-Mage Jatembe battles an angazhani.

Angazhanis are intelligent creatures who claim to be the unholy servants of the demon lord Angazhan, though their claims to being of fiendish heritage themselves are unfounded. They eat any creature they have judged to be inferior.2

Many inhabit the ruins of cities built by other creatures, where they rule as priest-kings over tribes of lesser apes, or sometimes even humanoid cultists, and collect tribute from their minions. More intelligent angazhanis also lead large packs of lesser angazhanis in raids and in worship of Angazhan.4

Angazhanis normally live in warm forests and jungles, most famously the Mwangi Expanse in Garund.25 Many live in Usaro where they once served Ruthazek, the former Gorilla King, but have since descended into infighting. A Mwangi warrior named Shosenbe has attempted to unite Usaro's angazhanis, though some refuse to be led by a human.2 Angazhanis also live on Mediogalti Island.6

On distant worlds

Angazhanis are fairly common on the red planet of Akiton. Their four-armed body structure (which resembles that of the native Shobhad) is enough to let some speculate that angazhanis originated on this planet.78

Known angazhanis


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