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Spices are trade goods used to preserve and flavor food and drinks, and in some applications can serve as a form of natural medicine. Most are naturally grown or bred, though some benefit from alchemy and druidic magic to enhance their properties.[1] Qadiran alchemists also import and cross-breed spices with specimens collected from other planes to further increase their medicinal potency.[2]


Name Origins Description
Anulite paprika Anuli, Holomog A hot spice found in Anuli's seafood and vegetable dishes.[3]
Black cumin Qadira Nutty, fortifying seasoning for savory foods.[2]
Fen pepper Mushfens, Varisia A popular spice in Magnimar.[4]
Frog's eye Mushfens, Varisia A popular spice in Magnimar.[4]
Flaming sumac Qadira Tart spice that can prevent some disease symptoms if consistently consumed.[2]
Golden cardamom Qadira Powdered seeds are sweet, used in rice and desserts, preventative against some disease symptoms, and used as a fragrant perfume and in dental hygiene.[2]
Miresh Mushfens, Varisia A popular spice in Magnimar.[4]
Mottled palette berry Palette Falls, Nirmathas Unique to their home region.[5]
Pesh flower Katapesh Used separately from the narcotic plant.[6]
Striped nutmeg Qadira Flavors desserts and meats, and can prevent some disease symptoms.[2]
Sunrise cinnamon Qadira Seasons sweet and savory foods alike. Causes sweating, and when consumed consistently can acclimate a person to extreme heat.[2]
Thileu bark Varisia Ground into a hot, even painful, spice.[6]
Tiger clove Qadira Seasons sweet and savory foods, and can be brewed into tea or chewed to freshen breath and as a digestive aid.[2]
Whiplily Mushfens, Varisia A popular spice in Magnimar.[4]
Violet salt Qadira Helps to stave off thirst when used to season a meal.[2]