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Ice mephit
Ice scamp
His Frozen Majesty, King Eshakhar I.

Ice scamps, also known as ice mephits,1 are diminutive humanoid elemental scamps native to colder sections of the Plane of Air.2[citation needed]


Ice scamps appear like small humanoids with leather wings that stretch between their arms and their diminutive bodies. Their skin is normally light blue in colour and they often have icicles hanging from them.2[citation needed]

Ecology and society

Most ice scamps live on the Elemental Plane of Air, where they frequently act as servants and assistants for more powerful elemental creatures. They can expel cones of ice from their mouth that sicken mortal beings in their path.2[citation needed]

In the Great Beyond

Ice scamps flit around many of the settlements of the Plane of Air like Armun Kelisk and Port Eclipse. Many, however, remain independent of the more powerful elementals who dominate such metropolises and instead dwell in their own small nations and kingdoms centred around the small pockets of solid matter that dot the Plane of Air.3 The most notorious of these kingdoms is the Sparkling Principality of Hautansia, ruled over by the small yet sadistic ice scamp sorcerer known as His Frozen Majesty, King Eshakhar I.4[outdated]


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