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His Frozen Majesty King Eshakhar I, king of Hautansia.

Sparkling Principality
Neutral evil (assumed)
His Frozen Majesty King Eshakhar I
Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 16

The Sparkling Principality of Hautansia is one of the numerous elemental scamp1 kingdoms that dot the Plane of Air. It is infamous for the cruelty of its former ruler as well as the incredible jewels its mines produce.2


The Sparkling Principality consists of a series of huge rocky islands melded together by vast amounts of solid ice.2


Hautansia was ruled over by a powerful ice mephit sorcerer known as His Frozen Majesty, King Eshakhar I. Eshakhar used his mastery of ice magic to mend and control the ice that binds the kingdom's rocky islands together, and his minions loyal.2

Eshakhar I lost his throne when he failed in an attempt to raid an airship and was succeeded as king by Eshakhar II.3


Hautansia is mainly composed of ice mephits, but it uses larger slaves, often captured from passing airships, to work its mines in the heart of the rocky isles. While the Sparkling Principality of Hautansia is at best a minor power of the Plane of Air, the rarity and quality of the jewels that come from these mines means that far more powerful rulers are forced to send envoys and diplomats to negotiate with King Eshakhar I. Due to Eshakhar I's prickly demeanour and evil nature, these negotiators must be extremely careful about showing the king proper respect, those who fail to do so are frozen into solid blocks of ice, which Eshakhar then carves into twisted sculptures of chiselled ice and cleaved flesh.2


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