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Port Eclipse

Captain Vendria
Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 15 (1E)
Rage of Elements, pg(s). 66
f. (2E)

Port Eclipse is a lawless trading port located in the depths of the Elemental Plane of Air beyond the control of the powerful Jaathoom Empire.12


Port Eclipse is hidden in the heart of one of the Plane of Air's numerous sky islands, conglomerations of earth and non-air matter. Even reaching Port Eclipse is a secretive and tricky proposition, as only a handful of pilots can navigate the tunnels to, or even know where the entrance to, Port Eclipse is. Each of the captains can make a small fortune taking passengers and cargo into Port Eclipse, so none of these captains is easily willing to share this lucrative secret. Inside the island, all of Port Eclipse's buildings are built directly into the spherical interior of the island.2


While almost anything a trader could want is available in the cities of the jaathooms that lie scattered across the Plane of Air, the issue is that the jaathooms are notoriously curious creatures, often prying unexpected secrets from their business partners, almost accidentally. This curiosity makes trading with jaathooms dangerous for anyone with secrets, creating a niche that Port Eclipse fills. Beyond the control of the Jaathoom Empire, Port Eclipse is a city that values discretion. Port Eclipse offers almost all the goods one could find in Armun Kelisk but without the restrictive trading practices or jaathoom taxes. For those strong enough and cunning enough a good living can be made in Port Eclipse trading illicit goods to dangerous people.2


Port Eclipse is a fundamentally lawless place that values strength and self-reliance. Those who cannot defend themselves are likely to lose everything if they are not careful, and those who do offer help within Port Eclipse always do so at some sort of a price. Port Eclipse's current mayor is the semi-retired sylph airship captain Vendria, who runs the city with the help of the other airship captains. While Vendria has a reputation as a fair mayor, rumour has it another one of the sky captains has set their sights on ruling. While Vendria does not know the identity of her new rival, she can see their effect: sky pirates have begun hitting Vendria's ships with a much greater frequency and have stolen some items of exceptional value that Vendria would pay dearly to have returned to her.2


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