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Five Storms (formerly)
Tobun Rei
Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 92

Inuliak is an Erutaki merchant.1


Inuliak is, in reality, Hirakonu, a renegade ogre mage oni member of the Five Storms, who underwent a change of heart and betrayed his comrades out of a crisis of conscience.1

Hirakonu was once a member of the Five Storms organization of oni who was imprisoned within the House of Withered Blossoms in the Forest of Spirits. While the local kami were banned from the oni's prison, this was not the case for the souls wandering the Forest of Spirits. One such soul was Tobun Rei, a grieving father captured by the ogre magi and tortured for years before seeking refuge in Hirakonu's body. Hirakonu never acknowledged this possession or sought to expel Tobun Rei, either because he considered such a thing beneath his notice or because he found some contentment at offering a lost soul succour, due to the influence of his past as a kami.1

Tobun Rei remained within Hirakonu for many years, investing him with a parent's insight. As his lord Anamurumon started his plan to spy on the royal families of Minkai to exterminate them later, Hirakonu found himself unusually well-suited to betraying children. He murdered dozens of youths, allowing Anamurumon to place his grandson Soto Takahiro as Minkai's ruler, but found himself remorseful for his acts and started to let his minions do the dirty work instead. When the Amatatsu family were discovered to have escaped to the Crown of the World, Hirakonu volunteered to chase them down to escape his kin's evil and his regrets.1

Hirakonu and his minions overtook the Amatatsus in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Overwhelmed by a crisis of conscience, Hirakonu betrayed and murdered his fellow oni, then fled into the wilds, unwilling to kill any more children. He eventually started to take the identity of Inuliak, an Erutaki merchant. While he misses his homeland and his kind, he knows that he will never be welcomed by them again, and feels a kinship with the Amatatsus as exiles.1


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