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Ogre mage

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Ogre Mage
Ogre mage.jpg
Type Outsider
(giant, native, oni, shapechanger)
CR 8
Environment Cold hills
Images of ogre mages

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 221

The ogre mage is the most common sort of oni - a fiendish spirit cloaked in living flesh, manifested in the form of an ogre. Ogre mages often found as leaders of ogre tribes. Others become lone marauders who hold whole villages as hostages, demanding regular tributes in the form of gold, food or maidens.[1]


Ogre mages, as the name implies, closely resemble ogres, but of more noble and intelligent mien. They possess jagged tusks and gleaming eyes. An ogre mage typically wears beautiful, ornate armor.[1]


Like all oni, ogre mages have the powers of regeneration and shapeshifting. As befits their name, they also have a suite of magical abilities. Despite their lack of wings, ogre mages can fly unaided.[1]


Ogre mages originated in Tian Xia, but have also become common in the Inner Sea region, where they are the best-known race of oni.[2]