Invisible stalker

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Invisible stalker

Invisible stalkers are enigmatic, invisible elemental creatures from the Plane of Air.1


An invisible stalker can never be seen, even when attacking.1


Invisible stalkers live in small nomadic groups, perpetually fulfilling missions given by their masters. They work for the noble djinn and their sultan, usually as spies and sometimes as assassins, due to their natural invisibility and stealthy skills, which allow them to track prey without being detected and give them the element of surprise when striking. Invisible stalkers have been responsible for neutralising numerous extraplanar threats to the djinn over millennia.12

Due to their dedication to their job, invisible stalkers detest being summoned to other planes to serve mortals, often seeking to find a loophole around a poorly worded command to take revenge on the person that dared summon them. Some invisible stalkers hate mortals to the point that they attack any magic-using extraplanar travellers on sight. Only the youngest invisible stalkers keep an open mind about mortals' intentions, but over time their opinion inevitably degrades.12


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