Murmur Dome of Prada Hanam

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The Murmur Dome of Prada Hanam is a mysterious structure that appeared overnight in the small Jalmeri fishing village of Prada Hanam in 2821 AR.1


The Murmur Dome is an imposing structure that contains a large, central domed building surrounded by four towers that rise to double the height of the inner one. The domed building contains only a large central room with tiled floors, while each of the towers houses a single staircase that rises to a single room. Each of the four rooms is empty except for a single window that faces east, some say toward distant Vudra.1


Before the appearance of the building, Prada Hanam was an otherwise unremarkable fishing village on the edge of the Obari Ocean. Because of the presence of the strange Murmur Dome, the village grew into a small city over the next few centuries. No one has been able to fully explain the origin or purpose of the Murmur Dome, although some adventurers have claimed that there is a spiral labyrinth located beneath the building. Anyone who claims this has soon died from a bizarre disease or curse that causes their flesh to turn to stone and their bones to iron.1