Segang Jungle

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The Segang Jungle, the largest woodland on the southern half of the island-nation of Jalmeray, contains an unusual variety of plants and animals that were brought to the island from distant Vudra by generations of travelers and druids. The jungle is home to numerous hunting lodges run by Niswani businessmen who cater to the emerging interest in traditional Vudrani hunting expeditions, sometimes employing unusual and unethical practices in securing their customers.1


Before Vudrani settlement, the island's southern jungles were fully native. The Thakurani Thanyuavi reshaped it in the image of a Vudran jungle by replacing all of its flora and fauna, with ecological balance maintained by powerful divine and genie magic. This replacement included the introduction of Vudran birds, deer, monkeys, panthers, rhinos, and tigers.2

The jungle also contains abandoned shrines to unknown gods, though as of 4711 AR there were no known active cults.1 The shrines have, however, attracted so many asura ranas that the forest has become one of their most densely populated regions.34 At least one temple of Khiben-Sald stands among them in the jungle's Urapangi Lowlands region, which was explored by a Pathfinder Society expedition in 4714 AR after looters had pillaged its contents.4

The Scepter of the Arclords, last seen in Jalmeray in 2755 AR, is rumored to be buried under guard somewhere in Segang.5


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