Grand Sarret

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Grand Sarret is an island in the Obari Ocean off the western coast of Jalmeray. Seemingly abandoned, the island holds a secret that few suspect.1


Grand Sarret is part of a small collection of islands that also include Veedesha and Kaina Katakha. The island is covered in rolling hills and wildflowers, but is nearly inaccessible due to the tall, dangerous cliffs that ring it on all sides. The only way of reaching Grand Sarret is via magic or by climbing the jagged cliff faces, although rumors persist of hidden sea caves connected via underground tunnels to one of the buildings in the island's interior.1


Due to its inaccessible location, the island was used by the legendary Maharajah Khiben-Sald to house his harem. He constructed a small group of buildings known as the Conservatory to be their home. After his departure during the 6th century AR, the island is generally believed to have been abandoned, but the truth is far more interesting.1

The Conservatory

Most believe that this remote island is abandoned, its palaces in ruins. In truth, the carefully maintained air of disrepair cloaks one of Golarion's most elite educational institutions: the Conservatory. Here spies are trained in the arts of infiltration, seduction, cooking, music, and manipulation in order to infiltrate the world's courts, governments, and other centers of power. After graduation, the spies are provided with cover identities as nobles, bards, seneschals, and consorts, and sent forth to further Jalmeray's interests through covert means.21 For many generations, the thakurs of Jalmeray have recruited vishkanyaa as teachers due to their natural affinity for and mastery of poisons, something that is very useful in a spy's line of work.3


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