Prada Hanam

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Prada Haram
Nation Jalmeray
Size Small city
Population 6,880

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 89

Prada Hanam is a small port city on the eastern coast of the nation of Jalmeray. The settlement's defining feature is the Murmur Dome of Prada Hanam, an enormous, multi-building structure that suddenly appeared in the town centuries ago.[1]


In 2821 AR, Prada Hanam was an ordinary Jalmeri fishing village on the edge of the Obari Ocean. One morning the villagers awoke to find that a huge building had appeared overnight. It contained a central, large dome structure with four octagonal towers twice the size of the dome surrounding it. Inside they found little to explain the building's mysterious nature. The central dome's interior was a single chamber with tiled floors, while the towers contained staircases that led to a single room at the top in which a solitary window faced east. In the countless centuries that followed the presence of the strange structure caused the village to expand to a small city, even though no one could fully explain the mystery of the Murmur Dome. Some adventurers claim to have explored a spiraling maze beneath the Dome, but all who have done so have died from a strange disease or curse that turned their flesh to stone and their bones to iron.[1]