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Veedesha is an island off the western coast of the island-nation of Jalmeray in the Obari Ocean. The closest large settlement to the island is the capital city of Niswan. Largely abandoned, Veedesha is now the domain of bandits and predatory monsters.1


Veedesha was once home to Jalmeray's largest port city of the same name that served host to many of the island-nation's earliest arrivals, and was meant to be Jalmeray's capital. The hinterlands were planted with sugar-cane and coffee that made Veedesha a center of wealth and trade. Over the centuries, when Khiben-Sald's descendants returned to Jalmeray and founded Niswan, the focus of trade moved to Niswan and Veedesha declined in importance, and was eventually abandoned altogether.12


The island is home to tiny manifestations of living fire, known as cinderwisps. These are believed to be the legacy of ifrits3 that once called the island home.4 Criminals also find the island to be a great place to have hideouts.2


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