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Spire of Nex

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The Spire of Nex is a siege castle created by the archmage Nex as part of his unsuccessful siege of Absalom in 166 AR.[1] Nex constructed it using a shard from his personal demiplane known as the Crux of Nex.[2]

Location and layout

The Spire is a mile-high column of smooth grey stone a few hours north of Absalom. It holds dozens of pocket dimensions,[3][4] which Nex used to draw countless creatures from numerous different realities to aid in his war effort. The spire is so tall that it can be seen from nearly all of Absalom's city districts.[5]

Destination for adventure

Today, the Spire continues to attract adventurers despite the lack of obvious entrances. There are plenty of tales of those who have managed to find a way in—and of the strange monsters that have managed to find a way out.[5]


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