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Opir Eightfingers

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Opir Eightfingers

Linnorm King of Southmoor
4719 AR (assumed)
Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 26

Opir Eightfingers was Linnorm King of the realm of Southmoor in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings until 4719 AR.1 His commands were often questioned or ignored by local chieftains who doubted his claims to power. He resided in Jol, the capital of the Linnorm Kingdom.2


When Opir was a young man, he appeared during a snowstorm at the gates of Jol, with the decaying head of a linnorm strapped to his back. He claimed that the advanced decay of the head was due to the many travails he had experienced since killing the creature, but others wondered whether Opir had instead scavenged the head. Because of this question, Opir's rule of Southmoor was widely questioned by his subjects, but those who suspected him quickly learnt to keep quiet after a series of grisly public executions.21

In 4719 AR, after the rise of New Thassilon, Opir launched a series of raids and was quickly defeated by Runelord Belimarius. His corpse was never found, and he left behind no friend interested in investigating his disappearance or having him resurrected. His throne was claimed by the adventurer Ostog the Unslain.1


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